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s affairs. ● Well, he got it out of me, I guess.▓ He knew so much that he could easily ▓pump the balance. What did he sa▓y Nothing much.He kept nodding h●is head, as though he knew it ▓all beforehand.What do you make o●f it, anyhow The curiosity of an idle mi▓nd, said Lyon, lightly.There ●are plenty of people who have an abnorm●al curiosity about anybody who is accused of c▓rime.But I wouldn't give him too much rope.● The episode gave him somethi●ng new to puzzle about.Olden's curiosity ▓about Lawrence had been marked from the begi▓nning, and it had not been wholly a fr●iendly curiosity.That much had been a●pparent.Lyon was accustomed to the cu●rious interest which monotonously ▓virtuous people take in criminals, and he h▓ad set down his landlord's desire to ▓talk about the murder mystery to that score.▓ He had shown no curiosity about Fullerton or i▓nterest in him.And though he was curious ab▓out Lawrence, he seemed very inadequately i●nformed concerning him. Ly●on turned the thing in his mind wit▓hout being able to make it fit in with a●nything else.At the same time he determ●ined to find out something more about Mr.Olden ●at the earliest opportunity.For th●e immediate present, however, the thing ▓to do was to get into Fullerton's● rooms at the Wellington again, and ●see what discoveries he could make there▓. CHAPTER XV Lyon suspecte●d that he might have difficulty in securing ad●mission to Fullerton's room in the Wellington● a second time, and when he made ap●plication to Hunt, the janitor who had● admitted him before, he found his fears● were justified.Indeed, Hun▓t's dismay at the suggestion struck him as ▓extreme. Go in No, sir! No▓body goes in.The police are responsible ●for that room, now.I haven't an▓ything to do with it, and I wouldn't ●have, not for a farm. You let m▓e in before, you know, and the poli▓ce didn't take it to heart. Eh I ●mean they didn't mind.Bede knew I was ther▓e.




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pring from his bedroom.There was nothin▓g too much trouble if it was going to save him ●some trouble afterwards. Go on. ● The letters were always in a c▓ertain place,--just wh

ere he could toss t●hem easily from the writing ●table where he sat.They would fall on a certain● mat, so that I knew just what to pick up.▓If I didn't, he would swear to turn a nigg●

er white.Mr.Fullerton wasn't no saint.That●'s what makes it worse. Makes what ●worse Why, this that I'm goi▓ng to tell you.Day before y●esterday s

omething possessed▓ me to go in to that room.I don't know what▓ it was,--I just was pestered to● go in.I thought I would just look▓ inside, and there, on the rug before ▓the door wh

ere they always used to ●be, was a letter in Mr.Fullert

on's h▓and, on his pape

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